Federal Council adopts unanimous resolution

The Resolution said that Islamabad Long March Declaration was historic document for restoration of real democracy in the country. The participants of the meeting vowed to continue to make efforts for implementation of the Declaration in letter and spirit.

The Federal Council expressed its grave concern on incidents of terrorism and target killing. Condemning these acts, it described their continuation as a stark failure of the government and regretted its inaction to stem these scourges.

It held that the government failed to check scourge of price hike, skyrocketing inflation and dearness. It demanded that discretionary funds of top office holders should be frozen forthwith and the masses be given relief through subsidy on electricity and gas bills, and other necessary items of daily use up to 50%.

· The Council said that PAT was in support of carving out new provinces on administrative basis. It, however, said that the present assemblies, which were nearing their stipulated tenure, did not have the mandate to proceed with the task. It suggested the holding of referendum to ascertain people’s wishes at the local level.