Roads & bridges, not human beings, are priority of present rulers: Razia Naveed

Ms. Razia Naveed, central President of PAT Women Wing, has said that the provincial governments are committing contempt of court by not regularizing the services of lady health workers. She said that rulers are not bothered to heed the apex court despite its repeated orders to regularize the services of the lady health workers. She said that the rulers who are doing injustice to the lady workers are actually committing criminal neglect of health of millions of mothers and children. She said that it is impossible for lady health workers to fully concentrate on their jobs when they are mired in economic difficulties themselves.

Ms. Razia Naveed demanded that the lady health workers should be regularized forthwith in compliance with the orders of the Supreme Court. She said that the Punjab government admitted before the apex court that necessary facilities could not be provided in district hospital of Sargodha due to fund constraints and this caused the deaths of children. She said that after this admission, the case of these deaths should be registered against the Chief Minister and Health Secretary Punjab. She said that bridges and roads, not human beings, are priority of the rulers. She said that Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri’s revolutionary struggle is to change this oppressive system, adding that the day is not far when this anti-poor system will be dismantled for good and every citizen will have his right delivered at his doorstep.