Mustafavi Students Movement Pakistan (MSM)

MSM Pakistan

Mustafavi Students Movement (MSM) was established in October 6, 1994 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri. MSM is busy to protect students from violation and immoral activities and to provide positive avenues to their emotions. This Movement is active in universities, colleges, schools and religious institutes at nationwide level. To eliminate illiteracy and spread the light of knowledge, Discourage the drugs usage, waywardness, obscenity, vulgarity and to eradicate the thriving trends of western culture and draw the attention of students from violent attitude towards educational and national objectives, which is the prior responsibility of Mustafavi Students Movement.

The purposes of establishment are

  • To give such teachings of love and obedience of Allah Almighty and Prophet SAW which make their character prophetic and revolutionary.
  • To struggle for the soul purification, Inside settlement, promote the interest of worship and piety and united character
  • To construct literate, enlightened, patriotic and proud nation via revolutionary training Not just doing extraordinary struggle for the unusual increase in the literacy rate of nation and to raise the educational standards but do strong support of the sincere powers in this great purpose so that the way of educational and social revolution could be paved in the country.
  • To draw attention of students from typical students politics towards educational and national objectives.
  • To remove ethnic, religious, sectarian and linguistic hatreds with love of Islam.
  • To awake the hidden skills of students and utilize them for positive and constructive purposes.
  • To struggle practically for the solution of common issues of the students. To uphold the rights of students and present their solutions

Targets for MSM

Movement has following three targets to achieve

  1. Elimination of five basic evils.
  2. Solution of five basic problems.
  3. Five basic action the promotion of students wellbeing.

Elimination of Five Basic Evils

Movement wants to remove the following five basic evils

  1. Elimination of sectionalism and sectarianism.
  2. Elimination of extremism and terrorism.
  3. Elimination of social and economic exploitation.
  4. Elimination of moral and sexual exploitation.
  5. Elimination of narcotics and drinking.

Solution of Five Basic Problems

Our society becomes a house of problems now a day. We always face problem after problem in short term. So most of persons lost their hope, that take them towards hopeless and helpless. So MSM has focused to solve the following problems.

  1. Solution of students frustration and psychological depression.
  2. Solution of ignorance and illiteracy.
  3. Solution of aimlessness
  4. Promotion of healthy academic atmosphere.
  5. Protection of women rights and promotion of their status.

Five basic action the promotion of students wellbeing

For the development of society we have to build the true Muslims in our country specially students. MSM is student revolution organization that wants to build such true Muslims rapidly in circle of students. Following are some character building elements that MSM is implementing .

  1. Economic development of students.
  2. Improvement of quality of life.
  3. Promotion of social and environmental health .
  4. Steps to deal with the social, cultural and ecological changes curative.
  5. Key elements of students success.


  1. Build character of the students through spiritual purification.
  2. Improving student education and practical skills promote social welfare activities.
  3. Restore self confidence and encouragement and inculcate spirit of serving the nation.
  4. Work against social and economics exploitation.
  5. Make the students a symbol of struggle for peace.
  6. Practical effort to eradicate unemployment.
  7. Install the democratic behaviour and mature leadership facilities in the student.
  8. Helping students in there own fields of education.
  9. Saving them from wrong use or political use from ordinary political parties who use them for their own sake.
  10. Awaking them from dark ages.
  11. Dealing them under the light of modernization.


  1. Educational Seminars.
  2. Peace Walks.
  3. Free Tuition Houses.
  4. Conducting regular Halqa-e-Durood
  5. Participation in Duroos-e-Quran
  6. Irfan-ul-Quran Courses.
  7. Study Circles.
  8. Group Discussion.
  9. Opening Camps for New Comers.
  10. Providing Assistance in studies.
  11. Blood donations.

Contact Us

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Ph: 0092.42.35201967

His Twitter handle is @MSMPakistan_