Training workshop for MSM Sisters, Pakistan

Venue: Conference Hall. Central Secretariat Minhaj-ul-Qura’n International.

Organized By: MSM (Sisters) Minhaj-ul-Qura’n Women League.

Lecturers: Dr. Raheeq Ahmad Abbassi.(Secretary General Minhaj-ul-Qura’nInternational.) Mrs. Fatima Mash’hadi (President Minhaj-ul-Qura’n Women League.) Miss Sumaira Rafaqat Advocate (Director Minhaj-ul-Qura’n Women League) Miss Sajida Sadiq (M.S.M.Sisters) Miss Sadaf Iqbal (Media & Public Relations. Minhaj-ul-Qura’n Women League.)

Participants: 150 Students representing different Universities, Colleges & Schools of Lahore.

By the Grace of Allah Almighty & the Blessings of His Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), a Training Workshop was organized by M.S.M. (Sisters). The workshop started with the recitation of verses from The Holy Qura’n followed by a beautiful Nasheed & salutations sent on Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.). Introductory words were said by Sister Sajida Sadiq (Director M.S.M Minhaj-Ul-Qura’n Women League Pakistan), in which she told the need and the importance of this training workshop in detail and she also gave introduction of the lecturers.

After this introductory session Sister Sajida Sadiq requested Respected Dr. Raheeq Ahmad Abbassi (Secretary General Minhaj-ul-Qura’n International) to speak to the attendants. He welcomed all the attendants of the workshop & congratulated them on being among those blessed people whom Allah Almighty has selected to serve His Deen Islam. He, then, gave a very appealing & motivational lecture on the role of students in the present era. Mrs. Fatima Mash’hadi (President MWL) briefly described the importance & need of “Ta’luq billah & Ta’luq bil Qura’n.” She mentioned that arranging Daroos-e-Qura’n to rebuild the broken relation of Muslim Ummah with The Holy Qura’n is the need of time. By spreading the education of Qura’n we can make smooth the way for the up-liftment of Islam.

Miss Sumaira Rafaqat (Director Minhaj-ul-Qura’n Women League Pakistan) gave a comprehensive & well grounded lecture on the topic “How can we extend the network of women league?” During her talk she said that in our society obscenity & nudity is increasing day by day. Atheistic powers are trampling our social values. Now we need to struggle hard against these evils by acting upon the Sunnah of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This is the motive of Minhaj-ul-Qura’n Women League. She added that in order to make our revivalist struggle effective we have to follow our Ameer (leader). Only teamwork & self purification will make us able to achieve our goal. Miss Sadaf Iqbal (Secretary Media & Public Relations MWL) gave detailed briefing on “How to stop negative propaganda against Islam on Electronic Media?” & motivated the sisters to play their role to show the true picture of Islam to the world.

Finally the program ended with special prayers by Sister Sajida Sadiq (Director M.S.M Sisters)

May Allah Almighty make us more beneficial for this mission.