Law order situation affecting economy: MQI

Dr Raheeq Abbasi, Secretary General of Minhaj-ul-Quran International, has said that the resumption of target killing in Karachi, Pakistan’s financial hub, after Quetta was deplorable and needed to be condemned in the strongest possible words. He said that this unfortunate situation was the outcome of the oppressive political system, which did not provide for security of life, honour and property of the masses.

Dr Abbasi said that those found involved in heinous crimes should be meted out exemplary punishments as they needed no clemency. He asked the law enforcement agencies to take action against the culprits by disregarding all political expediencies.

Dr Raheeq said that those conspiring against peace in Karachi and Quetta were enemies of humanity and Pakistan. He said that political impasse had created difficulties for economy, which was doubly hit by energy shortages. The situation has slowed down the process of investment in the country, which will pave way for more unemployment and poverty, he added.

Dr Abbasi underscored the need of drastic reforms and the restructuring of the law enforcement agencies coupled with capacity building of the forces to fight against miscreants and target killers with renewed passion and commitment. He said that de-weaponization campaigns must be launched across the troubled cities in a bid to effectively purge them of illegal weapons, which was critical to restoration of law and order in the country.

Dr Raheeq also called upon the federal and provincial governments to establish coordination and improve intelligence sharing to hunt down the miscreants and target killers.