MSM vows to establish centers of knowledge across educational institutions

MSM Message

A meeting of the Central Executive of the Mustafavi Students Movement (MSM) was held under the chairmanship of central President Sheikh Farhan Aziz in Model Town, Lahore. The meeting was attended by central office-bearers, zone presidents, and organizers. During the meeting, a review of the objectives of the past three months was conducted, and goals for the next three months were set.

It was decided in the meeting that centers of education would be established nationwide in universities and colleges for the religious, ethical, and spiritual education of students through the Mustafavi Students Movement. More than 500 centers of education will be established in various educational institutions.

Addressing the gathering, Sheikh Farhan Aziz said that students play a fundamental role in the progress of the country. He said that the Mustafavi Students Movement is actively working at the national level in schools, colleges, and universities for the welfare and bright future of students. He stated that acquiring knowledge is a pure objective. Students should strive to advance themselves through modern and technical education, as well as in the fields of science and technology, and seek excellence.

He emphasized that young people are the custodians of national culture and civilization. If we acquire good education, they will not only improve themselves but also educate the future generations. He said that knowledge is the wealth that eases the path of progress for one generation to the next.

The meeting was attended by General Secretary Mian Ansar, Deputy General Secretary Mohsin Iqbal, Muhammad Zeeshan, Shahid Mustafvi, Rashid Mustafvi, Mahboob Rasool, Osama Mushtaq, and other student leaders.