Increasing intolerance in society a matter of concern: Dr Hussain Mohi-ud-Din Qadri

Dr Hussain Mohi-ud-Din Qadri, President of MQI’s Federal Council, has said that the present electoral system is a combination of expenditure of million of rupees, clan system, hooliganism, winning horses, election-day management and manifesto-less politics. He said that elections under the flawed system would pit the already troubled nation into more crises.

Dr Hussain Mohi-ud-Din Qadri expressed these views while talking to Baber Chaudhry, and Rafique Saddiqui, President and General Secretary of MYL, who called on him in Lahore today.

Dr Hussain said that the ship of Pakistan was caught up in the unchartered waters of extremism, conservatism, sectarianism, lack of forbearance and tolerance, instability, terrorism and deteriorating law and order situation. He said that if the people insisted on reforms in the way electoral process is undertaken, there is no reason why competent leadership, true representative of the aspirations of masses, may not emerge. Only such a leadership so elected through unquestionable process could steer the nation out of multiples problems the country is confronted with at the moment, he added.

Hussain Mohi-ud-Din Qadri said that the collective disorder defined the functioning of our polity and the crises were too formidable to be neglected at the national level. He bemoaned the fact that Pakistani society was increasingly becoming intolerant, thanks to the vested interests’ successful efforts at fostering these negative attitudes. He said that patriotic people were concerned over these developments.

Dr Hussain said that heavy responsibility rested on the shoulders of the youth to play their role in actually realizing the dream of Pakistan as envisioned by Pakistan’s founding fathers. He said that MQI’s public awareness campaign was a grand initiative to encourage people to think and play active role for peaceful change in society. He asked the youth to play their role in this regard.