Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri's exclusive interview with Imran Khan on Express News in Takrar

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The main points of the interview of Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri with Imran Khan on Express

  1. The govt made a change in the incentive package for the business community within 24 hours after it had been announced by the PM
  2. Dual face of PM of Pakistan: investment limit changed in 24hrs from 25million rupees to unlimited
  3. In the name of green field projects, the worst case of corruption has emerged
  4. The govt has legalized the black money of the corrupt billionaires through green field industrial projects
  5. In the pre-election period, I'd warned that the crooked elements would return to power. My fear has materialized
  6. The corrupt political mafia has pressurized the change in the investment limit securing their corruption
  7. God willing, I'll stop corruption in Pakistan with the support of Allah, His Messenger & and sons and daughters of nation
  8. Crooked electoral system brought corrupt & incompetent political leaders in the corridors of power
  9. When the "munshi" level people are promoted to the level of finance minister, the economy will be in deep recession
  10. The life of the poor has been turned into a sort of hell, whereas the wealthy are living in a paradise
  11. The forked tongue Pak leaders have compromised with the US (to get money) & the Taliban (to reach the corridors of power)
  12. The drone attacks must be halted at any cost. If Iran can, why can't Pakistan, which is militarily better?
  13. Live like a lion! Better to die than live like a jackal
  14. PAT's preparations are under way! They are in progress at breakneck speed
  15. Going to war with the US, Russia and China isn't wisdom! But we must not compromise on our defence against the US aggression
  16. I wouldn't act like a goldsmith. Soon I, with the support of the nation, strike most vigorously like a blacksmith