Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri's exclusive interview with Shahzad Iqbal on CNBC Pakistan

The main points of the interview of Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri with Shahzad Iqbaal on CNBC Pakistan on December 12, 2013

  • I appreciated the SC when I was not aware of the CJ’s character. He played the role of a politician. He should have joined a party
  • The chief justice of Pakistan was not a judge but a political identity
  • The CJ was a disciple of Perveiz Musharraf - he received his office from the dictator
  • The CJ deposed a PM on a certain issue, but didn’t touch the PM’s successor who also committed the similar crime
  • From 23 Dec to 14 Jan, I campaigned for free and fair elections, but no party stood by me. So now we’ll go for revolution
  • Our revolution will end with overhauling the system and we’ll not go back empty-handed
  • The electoral system will not allow you to win elections even if you have 10 million people; hence we need revolution
  • We’ll not march for electoral reform, rather we’ll march for toppling the crooked system
  • The ex-chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhary should have joined his favourite political party
  • The judiciary should be free from politics as it is the honour of any country
  • Even if 10 million people stand by us, they are unable to stop the corrupt election commission
  • The 29 December 2013 rally of the PAT will show how large number of people can turn out even in my absence
  • The circumstances of Pakistan: the father kills the daughter and commits suicide on not having the college fee
  • The protest against the corrupt electoral process was peaceful, and our revolution too will be peaceful
  • The present political system has driven the underprivileged people to turn to what is illegal
  • We believe that the local govt elections are meant to deceive people and distract them from revolution
  • The PAT’s revolution will send the crooked rulers from the parliament to the jail
  • The military strongman’s accountability should start from 12 Oct and those who validated his coup, not from 3 Nov
  • Corrupt people do not have the right to rule this country
  • I want to rid the national institutes of political intervention
  • Not even a single advocate of the CJ will claim that he banished corruption from the judicial system