Exclusive Interview of Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri with Imran Khan in Takrar on Express News



Interview of DrTahir-ul-Qadri with Imran Khan in Takrar on Express News on 03 January 2014

  1. I am waking up the people of Pakistan to snatch their rights from the corrupt rulers
  2. If the govt provides livelihood, health care to the people, and its officials bring back their wealth from abroad, I’ll not give the call to revolution
  3. The corrupt electoral system has deprived the people of Pakistan from their rights. The masses will overthrow it
  4. The incumbent rulers have been making airy promises to the Pakistani nation for over 40 years
  5. The revolution is inching towards its destination and will most certainly dawn
  6. The call to revolution will not go beyond 2015. We’ll not let the country get ruined comprehensively
  7. In India, Common Man’s Party won elections, and the leadership slashed the electricity tariffs by half. This is change
  8. When the revolution occurs, we will start implementing reforms – promises made to the nation – straight away
  9. The policies of the govt are pushing the nation to the dissolution of the country
  10. In Pakistan, close 4500 terrorists have been freed by the govt. Here terrorists are secure while the whole nation is unsecure
  11. My party, PAT, is working for the uplift of the disadvantaged. My party’s extensive social network shows I am very much present among people in Pakistan
  12. The politicians in Pakistan are looting the nation’s wealth and sending it abroad. But they request the foreigners to invest money in Pakistan
  13. We’ll join hands with any party that is ready to bring about change in Pakistan
  14. I advise and recommend the heads of the political parties to be tolerant towards political opponents so that their followers may comport themselves in a manner which sets a good example
  15. Former military chief Pervez Musharraf staged a coup in 1999. But why does the govt not open the trial of the general from 99?
  16. All the abettors of the former Pakistani president should be held accountable for backing up the general
  17. Where the revival of economy is concerned, I want to introduce the economic reforms of the Prophet and the caliphs
  18. Two hundred families have usurped the sources of the whole nation