President of Pakistan Seraiki Party, Taj Muhammad Langah met Dr. Tahirulqadri at his residence

President of Pakistan Seraiki Party, Taj Muhammad Langah met Dr. Tahir ul qadri at his Model Town residence. Dr. Maqsood Langah and Nazim-e-Alah, Tehreek-e-Minhaj ul Quran, Dr. Raheeq Ahmed Abbasi were also present on the occasion. Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul qadri said that those political parties which have their significance & history and are fighting for the salvation & solidarity of Pakistan, must unite so that a common purpose can be achieved. Afghanistan has 20, India 47 and Germany has 12 provinces. He further stated that he is in the favour of more provinces on administrative basis. But instead of conducting politics on this matter, it is better to let the people of that region decide, whether they want a new province or not.

President of Seraiki Party, Taj Muhammad Langah assured Dr. Tahir ul qadri of his full support in his democratic struggle against the current election process. He also suggested to Dr. Tahir ul qadri that he should lead an alliance of all patriotic political parties so that the evils of sectarianism, bigotry, extremism & intolerance can be eradicated from the country. Taj Muhammad Langah further said that till the time patriotic, honest, loyal leadership is brought forward, the country can never experience true democracy. All political parties and forces advocating positive change must support Dr. Tahir ul qadri for real democracy. Dr. Tahir ul qadri said that without eradicating feudalism true democracy cannot take root in Pakistan. He advised Taj Muhammad Langah to contact patriotic political parties under his leadership and invite them to become part of the movement for change.