Current electoral system mother of all problems: PAT Punjab

The dream of real democracy cannot be realized without dismantling a system propped up by politics of winning horses, vested interests, hooliganism, dynasties, and status quo. The nation needs to build up an edifice of democracy on the basis of their aspirations. The five-year performance of the government is disappointing to say the least. The system for whose protection the ruling elite ganged up is actually the real enemy of masses.

These views were expressed by Fayyaz Warriach, Secretary General of PAT (Punjab) while addressing an intellectual sitting on the subject of “Real democracy and current electoral system”, which was organized by Pakistan Awami Tehreek Lahore the other day.

Fayyaz Warriach said that those who befooled the nation many times were going from pillar to the post to save the system for their vested interests. He said that ruling elite and current electoral system were integral to each other as the former’s interests were best guarded and promoted by the latter. He said that those who considered political arena as sports arena would not only be disappointed themselves but also disappoint the nation.

PAT Secretary General said that the public awareness campaign of PAT was laying a sound foundation for a comprehensive change in the country and would result in strengthening democracy in the real sense. He further said that PAT was working for educational revolution in the country. He asked the Election Commission to bar the tax evaders and loan defaulters from getting re-elected on the basis of their resources and clout. He said that the ECP’s okaying of degrees declared fake by the HEC had raised a number of questions on the credibility and fairness of the Commission. He said that at a time when questions revolved on the composition of the ECP, such measures would further tarnish its image and render the electoral exercise dubious and suspect. He said that this attitude of the ECP in the face of vested interests showed as if it were helpless before those who controlled the nation’s destiny.