Exclusive Interview of Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri with Nadeem Malik on Samaa News



Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri’s interview with Nadeem Malik on 1st January 2014 on Samaa News

  1. In Pakistan, sectarian strife kicked off in 80s under the Zia regime
  2. To resolve the issue of radicalism, first we need to fix who is responsible for aiding and abetting terrorism
  3. Our past governments sponsored terrorist outfits
  4. Why is the govt in power if it has failed to check acts of terrorism and is too toothless to eliminate the radicals?
  5. Todate close to 4500 terrorists have been arrested by the govt, but it hasn’t penalized a single one of them
  6. Terrorists were raised by the General Zia’s regime - some religious parties were assigned to create jihadists
  7. To get dollars from the US, the successive govts abetted militancy - it was presented as a monster
  8. Today, following in the footsteps of the caliph Ali, the govt should deal with the militants with an iron hand
  9. Some paid govt functionaries and media persons chatter about the issue of my nationality to turn the general public against me
  10. I have no business abroad. I have my home in Model Town Lahore, and don’t possess even an inch of land anywhere else in the world
  11. My tehreek has created hundreds of educational institutes and an orphanage for the uplift of the whole nation
  12. The rulers haven’t rebutted my pro-poor and egalitarian charter, but - out of jealousy - they are flinging dirt on my person
  13. All the terrorist outfits enjoy the patronage of the government functionaries
  14. The outfit that is reluctant to enter into peace talks and submit to the Constitution of Pakistan must be put to rout
  15. Which Pakistani leader lives in the hearts of the people? If the people didn’t love me, they wouldn’t join the peace protest in absentia
  16. The Pakistani rulers live in Pakistan, but their souls are overseas (their wealth is in the foreign countries)
  17. I led the Pakistani nation for thirty years, so even the children know me and hold me in love
  18. General Musharraf’s accountability should start from his takeover in 99, not from 3 Nov 2007
  19. Musharraf’s trial should include the one who abetted his coup - that is, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry
  20. All those bureaucrats who abetted General Musharraf should also be held and included in the investigation
  21. Article 6 of the Constitution says that the coup stager and his abettors should be charged with high treason
  22. Revolution is the need of the underclass - the affluent are not in need of it
  23. Our revolution will come with the people’s power - no foreign power is behind us
  24. In Pakistan, polls will bring true democracy only when the electoral system is first revamped
  25. For revolution, I’ll totally count on the disadvantaged segments of society - not any political party
  26. To stage revolution in Pakistan, I’ll invite every party - which is for change and against terrorism - to join hands with me
  27. Our revolution will not shed even one drop of blood - it will usher in a peaceful mega change