PAT Women Wing criticizes police action against schoolchildren in Lahore

In her reaction to the heart-rending incident of police torture on the innocent children, Ms. Razia Naveed, President of PAT Women Wing, has said that both terrorists and Punjab police are subjecting our children to victimization, torture and even killings. She said that the Lahore police are sure that no action would be taken against them due to their excesses because they have remained untouched despite killing 14 people in Model Town.

The PAT Women Wing President said that the police, acting upon the orders of their political masters, martyred 14 people in broad day light in the presence of media. She said that the whole Pakistan saw the gory incident unfold but nothing has been done so far. She regretted that people have not come out on the roads to protest police excesses, urging the nation to stand up to oppression and violation of law. She said that the barbaric police suit the rulers because it helps them firm up their grip on the status quo system. She said that following Model town tragedy, torture on the blind people and now innocent schoolchildren are the medals on the chest of police and their masters.