MSM holds national poetry gathering

A wonderful poetry gathering was held under the banner of Mustafavi Students Movement (MSM) at the central secretariat. Renowned poet Prof Nasir Bashir was the guest of honour, whereas PAT Secretary General Khurram Nawaz Gandapur presided over the programme. The distinguished poets read out their poetry on the occasion. Imran Akhtar and Usma Jameshed conducted the proceedings of the gathering.

Khurram Nawaz Gandapur paid tributes to the poets and artists for their role in promotion of culture and different languages. He said that literature and literary gatherings are of paramount importance in addressing the challenge of extremism and narrow-mindedness. He said that the writers and poets are the reflection of any society.

Thanking the participating poets, PAT Secretary Information Noorullah Siddiqi said that the poetry gatherings reflect our civilization and culture. He said that such gatherings should continue to happen from time to time.

Prof Nasir Bashir, in his views on the occasion, said that reciting poems at the secretariat of the MQI is a different feeling altogether. He said that the students associated with MSM know how to acknowledge and appreciate the poetry.

Chaudhry Irfan Yousaf, president MSM, stated on the occasion that with the holding of such poetic gatherings, Urdu language will get a lot of boost. He said that such gatherings are the best source of connecting the young generations with literature.

The poets who presented their poetry included Anwar-ul-Mustafa Hamdami, Shahzad Qais, Muhammad Idrees Qureshi, Aghir Nadeem Sahir, Atif Bashir, Azhar Ferogh, Nadeem Bhabha, Hamza Hashmi Soz, Ishaq Haris, Jamshed Ahmed, Jahanzeb Saher, Zameer Ahmad Zameer, Nadeem Raja and Atif Bashir. When Anwar-ul-Mustafa Hamdami and Prof Nasir Bashir read out their poetry, the whole gathering went into ecstatic state.

Director Admin central secretariat Jawad Hamid and former MSM President Basit Malik also attended the poetry gathering. The MSM thanked the poets and the audience and distributed the gifts of books among them.