MSM holds seminar on Pakistan Day

Mustafavi Students Movement (MSM) organized a seminar on the subject of “Essence of Pakistan Resolution and our national conduct” in connection with Pakistan Day celebrations in Samanabad on March 23, 2009. A large number of students from various educational institutions and universities attended the seminar. Addressing the seminar, Secretary General MSM, Sajid Gondal, said that the purpose of Pakistan resolution was not merely to carve out a separate state but to establish such a country where its citizens should be able to live their life in accordance with the principles of Islam without any fear and intimidation. The founding fathers wanted to bring into existence such a state where Islamic principles of social and economic justice, democracy and rule of law held sway. But it was unfortunate that we forgot these lessons and tuned out back on the teachings of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He said had our ruling classes preferred national interests to their personal ones, Pakistan would have been leading giant in Asia.

Addressing the participants, central vice president, Chaudhry Amjad Jutt, said that some people were encouraging the youth into the fold of terrorism by misinterpreting Islam so that peace and order of the country could be destroyed. The students should foil every conspiracy against Pakistan. He said MSM is a peaceful organization, which is working for the welfare of students. Hafiz Muhammad Ramzan Niazi, Chaudhry Azeem-ul-Haq and Hafiz Mudassar also spoke at the seminar.